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Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist & Drama Therapist

About Me

I offer psychotherapy and grief recovery counseling with a deep, compassionate and soulful presence. My greatest gift is showing up in our work together with a keen and sensitive heart and offer a validating emotional resonance. I understand that therapy is a vulnerable experience which is why I spend time building safety and trust in the relationship. I do this by checking in with you and by taking feedback non-defensively.  I'm transparent, genuine and use humor to find a place of connection. I practice cultural humility in my life and in the therapy relationship and recognize concepts of privilege and subjugation at play in our society   My practice is diverse and I often work with biracial and bicultural millennials, the LGBTQ community, folks who are nonconforming in their gender expression, and individuals/couples with varying religious and spiritual beliefs. Research shows that therapy is most effective when there is a strong bond within the therapeutic relationship. I offer a free phone consultation to see if we are a right fit for one another. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.  



Are you navigating a world of fear, anxiety, anger, or sadness that follow any loss such as a divorce, death, or major change in your life? Have you experienced a single event or string of traumas that have impacted your ability to regulate anxiety or lift from depression? Are you and your partner stuck in a dynamic that leads to conflict, resentment, or a lack of intimacy? Are you and your partner greiving the loss of fertility or need support in considering your options for alternative family formations?  Is your child or adolescent struggling with their peer relationships, experiencing ongoing bullying, or is their behavior impacting their academic performance or ability to be successful?  I can help you address these kinds of issues and more in therapy.  Please explore the kinds of services and unique approach I offer:  


If you are READY to start therapy, please contact me to schedule an initial session at my office in Oakland. 


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Megan Gredesky

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist # 89058

Registered Drama Therapist # 588

4797 Telegraph Ave Suite 203

Oakland, CA 94609

*I offer a sliding scale, take cash/check, credit card, HSA and California Victim Compensation in my practice. I can provide a statement for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

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