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Are you experiencing grief or depression due to the accumulated losses you have endured on your journey to getting pregnant?  Maybe it has affected your relationship or you are experiencing anxiety in how to proceed.  Have you decided to proceed with IVF or Surrogacy and feel overwhelmed by the many decisions involved? 

Is your clinic or doctor asking for a psychological interview before beginning the assisted reproduction procedures? 

I can help with all of these parts of the process.

I work with individuals, couples and families navigating the assisted reproduction process. I am available to meet in person at my office in Oakland, via Zoom, or by phone. 


During our session, we can explore:

    • The emotional impact of infertility - how it affects the individual, the couple, and look at the gender differences in response to the stress of various treatments

    • The grief of pregnancy loss and miscarriage, as well as how to get support through various stages of IVF

    • Healthy coping and stress management 

    • Alternative family building options such as using a donor, surrogacy or adoption, as well as considering the potential psychological, emotional and financial factors involved.


I create a safe and supportive environment and honor how complicated and arduous the journey has been thus far.  My goal is to help you feel informed and create space for processing your decisions as you move forward in your unique journey. 


In addition, I screen donors and surrogates to assess psychological fitness for their role in the process and can offer insight into certain variables that contribute to a positive experience in choosing a donor or surrogate.


Please reach out! I can give important education to help you navigate all of the complexities of this process.  

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